Formed in 1972, the Furmanac family business is the UK’s largest manufacturer of adjustable beds. We have developed ranges especially for the home market and are the only motion bed manufacturer in the UK to build the motion frame.

Our beds, under the MiBed range, are designed with your comfort and the best night’s sleep in mind. They are proudly made in the UK, with modern materials, in traditional methods, so that you can have a long lasting, restful sleep every night.

Furmanac Malvern Bed
Malvern Adjustable Bed

The Malvern mattress is hand made in the UK from the finest materials available – luxuriously layered with wool and silk, both natural fillings for superb comfort – cool in summer and warm in winter with excellent moisture control.

The Malvern comes with a choice of a medium 1200 or firmer 2150 count pocket spring tension unit, and is hand side stitched for extra comfort and stability.


  •  2150 or 1200 count pocket spring units
  •  Side stitched for extra comfort
  •  Layers of wool and silk


  •  5 Part motorised adjustable K-frame
  •  Sturdy construction on chrome castors
  •  Handset with 6 buttons and splash proof motor
  •  Choice of widths and special sizes; height, length and width. Available in usual lead times
  •  Choice of upholstery fabrics

·       Side and End Drawers
·       Infra red massage system
·       Matching headboard
·       Available in 2’6, 3’0, 4’0, 4’6, 5’0 and 6’0

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Furmanac Emery Bed
Emery Adjustable Bed
The mattress incorporates 50mm of 100% Latex on a 1000ct foam encapsulated pocket spring unit that moulds to your body contours reducing tossing and turning and giving you he best night’s sleep. The ‘state of the art’ slat system features sliders in the lumbar region for tension adjustment providing firmness control and total support. Finished in a choice of high qualit upholstery fabrics to suit any room decor.


  •  100% Natural Latex
  •  Hand nested pocket springs
  •  Removable zip cover
  •  Non-slip base panel to keep mattress firmly in position
  •  Easy care – no need to turn mattress
  •  Premium 5 part motorised adjustable frame
  •  Luxury sprung slats
  •  Sliders in lumbar region for tension adjustment
  •  6 button, low voltage handset
  •  Quiet operation, nylon bushed metal fittings
  •  Choice of base fabric colours


  •  Bolt on massage, infra-red handset controls both massage and bed
  •  One mattress with synchronised frames, one handset
  •  Matching headboards
  •  End or side drawers on all sizes
  • Available as 2’6, 3’0, 4’0, 4’6, 5’0, and 6’0
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Furmanac Alpina Bed
Alpina Adjustable Bed

Motion Intelligent bed for controlled comfort. Introduced as our entry level offering without compromising on style, craftsmanship or comfort, the Alpina has an 800 count pocket spring unit. The adjustable 5 part motorized frame allows you to find your perfect resting and sleeping position, all controlled by our 6 button classic handset.
·      800ct pocket spring unit
·      Taped edge mattress with handles
·      Knitted panel fabric, quilted, straight line design
·      Flag stitched handles
·         5 part adjustable frame
·         Multi-slat motorised system
·         Sprung beech slats
·         Splash proof motors with 2 year guarantee
·         6 Button “Classic” handset

·       End Drawer
·       Infra red massage system
·       Matching headboard
·       Available in 2’6, 3’0, 5’0 and 6’0

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Furmanac Verity Adjustable Bed
Verity Adjustable Bed

The new Verity MiBed® has been designed to put you in control of your comfort. Foam encapsulated to provide you with edge to edge support, this mattress features memory foam to mould to the contours of your body and pocket springs that evenly distribute your body weight across the entire sleep surface. As an added benefit, the Verity has also been treated with Adaptive technology to keep you cool and dry, all night, every night.


  • 50mm Memory foam Provides pressure relief / relieves your body of stress and tension / can reduce the amount of tossing and turning during sleep / conforms to the curves of the body to keep your spine in natural alignment / promotes better posture / absorbs energy so the movement of others should not cause a disturbance.
  • 1000ct Pocket Spring Unit Promotes natural alignment of the spine / ensures that your weight is evenly distributed / reduces the amount of strain put on your body/ offers an increased amount of air circulation to provide a comfortable bed temperature.
  • Adaptive To keep you cool and dry, all night, every night
  • Non-slip base panel Helps to keep the mattress in place
  • Foam Encapsulated For edge to edge support


  • 5 Part motorised adjustable frame Offering unique, customisable support to different areas of the body which can help relieve minor aches and pains, promote better circulation and an improved posture.
  • Multi-slat motorised systemt Adapts to exerted pressure offering improved back support /facilitates even distribution of pressure which can help improve blood circulation / gaps allow air to pass freely beneath the bed which keeps your mattress fresher for longer.
  • Sliders for tension adjustment Allowing the user to set the amount of support to meet their unique preferences in lumbar region


  • Bolt on massage, infra-red handset controls both massage and bed
  • Matching headboards
  • End or side drawers
  • Available as 2’6, 3’0, 4’0, 4’6, 5’0, and 6’0
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