Relyon Pocket Classic

The Relyon Pocket Classic offers superb quality and comfort, simply outstanding value.

It comes complete with pocket springs, the finest quality and combinations of mattress fillings, 1000 pocket spring count, side stitching, fabric sourced from the leading Belgian fabric mills, and an extensive range of compatible divan and headboard options.


  • 1000 Pocketed Springs
  • Anti Allergenic Layer – A layer of anti-allergenic fibre underneath the mattress fabric cover
  • Traditionally Hand Tufted with Felt Tufts
  • 3 Rows of Side Stitching
  • Deep Soft Layer
  • Resilient Foam

For your peace of mind, Relyon offer an 8 year guarantee on all mattresses purchased with a divan base.

Available in 3’0, 4’0, 4’6, 5’0, 6’0

Firmness Rating: Medium


Relyon Pocket Classic

Founded in 1858 by a Somerset family of wool merchants, the Price Brothers and Co. business developed 100% wool mattresses that were of such high quality, they became known as mattresses that you could truly ‘rely-on’ for a good night’s sleep.

And so the Relyon name was born out of a reputation for hand crafting wonderfully comfortable natural mattresses. Today our beds harness the skills of Relyon’s artisan rich pedigree and combine them with the finest natural fillings, perfectly engineered calico covered pocket springs and a host of bespoke tailoring options.

Approaching luxury comfort in a haute couture fashion sense, the Heritage collection is endlessly customisable and can be individually tailored to suit all your unique requirements, whilst delivering uncompromising elegance to any bedroom.


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