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Rembrandt Corner Sofa

Design your own Suite layout with the amazingly versatile, contemporary Rembrandt supplied in separate, easy interlocking sections.

Standard and Large sections are available with or without arms, so these and the optional Corner unit enable you to specify the exact size and shape of Suite to fit your room. If desired this can include a Round End section at one end – see below.

Illustrated is a Corner Suite with two Standard sections on the left and two Large sections on the right.

With soft, reversible back cushions, reversible seat cushions (except Round End sections), freestanding Chair, Recliner and Reclining Settee options and matching Stool or Stool/Box.

Choice of Dark Beech or Light Oak feet with matching or fabric facings.

To assist your room planning the widths of all individual sections are as follows:

Standard Section with Left or Right Arm  – 88.5cm /35.0″

Standard Section with No Arm                 – 64.0cm /25.0″

Large Section with Left or Right Arm        – 108.5cm /42.5″

Large Section with No Arm                       – 84.0cm /33.0″

Corner Section                                          – 107.0cm /42.0″ (width and depth)


Please note: Sale item is the display model corner sofa comprised of:
Standard Section No Arm
Standard Section Right Arm
Corner Section
Large Section Left Arm
Fabric Ascot Toffee Chenille. Items in other sizes and fabrics can be ordered at the normal price.

Sherborne 5 year guarantee


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Widely known and respected, the Sherborne name on the distinctive label can now been seen on the most comprehensive selection of upholstery styles, ranging from the ultimate in relaxing Recliner Chairs and Settees (with Fixed Suite options) to contemporary Corner Suites and traditional Fireside Chairs and Settees.

Sherborne has grown from a small family business into one of the most successful upholstery companies in the United Kingdom with two factories and over 250 employees.

Starting 88 years ago in a small lock-up garage in Sherborne Road, Bradford, Sherborne grew to become a Limited Company in 1953 and after four moves to larger premises established itself at its current main factory in Clayton, Bradford ten years later.


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