Relyon – Superior Comfort Deep Latex Pillow


With 100% pure Relyon latex for instant pressure relief and a soft washable cotton cover for additional comfort, this pillow has been specially developed for side sleepers.

The unique open cell structure of the 100% natural latex means it is naturally breathable and does not have the associated heat issues of many foams.

The microscopic air bubbles promote constant air circulation and natural movement throughout the night helps to ventilate the pillow, keeping your head and neck at a comfortable temperature.

  • Deep 100% breathable pure latex
  • Washable cotton cover
  • Specially developed for side sleepers
  • 5 Year Guarantee

This item is currently only available to buy in store and not online.

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Choosing the right pillow has a huge impact on how you sleep. Our 100% pure Relyon latex pillows keep your upper body aligned throughout the night and work to counterbalance the parts of your body most in need of pressure relief, such as your neck, shoulders, hips and spine.

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5 Year Guarantee


100% breathable pure latex


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